The Summer that never was

A skeleton has been found unearthed. The bones are identified as Graham Marshall, who disappeared in 1965 during his paper round.

Summer Nights – Marianne Faithfull

Fourty years later, the case is re-opened and Michelle is in charge of the investigation. Although she is new in the office, and the case is very old, she is going to do her best.

The Inspector Alan Banks, (the main character) wants to bring justice to his old friend Graham. But soon Banks realizes that the truth is dangerous and, sometimes, unpleasant. He has to fight against evil, unjustice, corruption… The facts he thought he knew about his adolescence will get blurred. The reality of his life won’t be the same after this!


Parallely, there is another case to solve, a missed boy called Luke Armitage. The events that took place that Monday evening  will get complicated, but the truth is going to come to light.

Peter Robinson is an English writer who lives in Canada. He was born on March the 17th, 1950. The Summer that never was is not his first novel (published in 2003), it was re-titled in 2005 as Close to Home, and the spanish translation is El peso de la Culpa.

I’m not really into thriller books, I think they usually are boring or/and predectible. But this one has really absorbed me! I’m sure It will not be the last time I know of the Inspector Banks and his adventures.

The book is full of good and interesting references of good music, classic literature and a little philosophy. That kind of things make the difference.

A fully recommended reading.




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